Happy 30th birthday, Lucas! Happy birthday Autumn

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Luc bday2014

30 Years ago, he was born.
10 Years ago, he appeared in his debut role in the Disney Channel movie “Halloweentown High”.
8 Years ago, he sang and danced his way into our hearts in the Disney Channel success “High School Musical”, following lots and lots of more success.

Not only has he 10th anniversary as an actor, but today he’s the big round 30!! :D

I would like to wish Lucas a big happy birthday and wishes the best weekend and birthday celebration with everyone around him.
May the next 10 years be filled with lots of new exciting movies, more “Switched at Birth”, more music and of course, some awards for his hard work. :)


Aut bday2014

So, yesterday Autumn turned 33 years old!
I wish Autumn a happy birthday and hopes for a great day (or weekend) with her family and friends.




Lucas joined his Switched at Birth co-stars Constance Marie, Katie Leclerc and Marlee Matlin to support his Switched at Birth co-star and on-screen mom Lea Thompson, who is dancing this season.
Sadly, Lucas wasn’t filmed along his co-stars from the evening, so I’m only posting the pictures from tuesday 23. September. Enjoy.

23. September – Dancing With The Stars 2014


SAB S03E21

So, next monday is the season finale of season 3! But don’t worry, “Switched at Birth” will return again in December with a special christmas episode AND be right back again in January with season 4! So, no worries, the show isn’t going anywhere for now :D
So, I have stills and a promo for next monday’s episode “And Life Begins Right Away” and some new behind the scenes pics. Enjoy.

The Girl on the Cliff
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Behind the scenes

And Life Begins Right Away

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Like every other year has Autumn been standing next to Lucas during the Teen Choice Awards and this year was no difference!
Sadly, Lucas didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean he’s no winner to all of his fans ;)
Also, I didn’t find any clip from the show or the red carpet that Lucas appeared in (nor Autumn for that matter), so I’m only posting the rehearsals from the day before and the red carpet. Enjoy.

Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat at Teen Choice Awards – Day 1

Teen Choice Awards – blue carpet