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01. September 2010 Site updates 0

Welcome to Fabulous Grabeel. Your newest Lucas Grabeel source and your FIRST Autumn Grabeel source.

We would like to welcome you to the site opening. We are here to bring you all the lastest news about the great sibling couple.

We are going to focus on all the positive things they are doing (like always), and try focus some more of their working side, than their private side! We should like to focus some more of what work they have done through the time, and what they do in the public, and respect they need just like us, some privacy and we will therefor NOT be posting about that! We’ll respect they are both human beings just like us.

We have through the time, been lucky and collect some girls, who would love to experince what it takes to run a website. We have Christina, Susie, Tessa and Eva!

Also another thanks to Morningsun Designs, for all the help, with get the website back up on track and give us a fabulous layout 😀 And a special thanks to all of YOU guys, who have supported us all the way, since the day the old site got deleted. Thanks for keep being patient and now come back with more support. You all rock ;D

Now, do we hope to catch all the latest news there is outthere, and we hope to serve you in the best and most friendly way that’s possible online. We hope to bring you a smile on the face and to make you return again very soon.

– Fabulous Grabeel staff <3

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