Gallery Update 2

Hey guys!
As I told you before, did I have a busy start on January, during my 20th birthday, there was a lot to do up to the big day, but I managed it and I had a blast with my family and my closest friends. – Also thank you so much for the birthday messages you guys sended me. I feel loved now 😀
Well, back to business. I am official back and ready to work for FG to grow and get bigger now, and I got huge updates comming up for the site, so who knows what will be on this site the next time you return? 🙂

I will start out with give you the latest gallery update, through December month. Enjoy some HQ untagged pictures.

HSM2 Christmas Special photoshoot

Lucas’s website pictures

Lucas’s twitter pictures

Adam Bouska’s “NOH8 Campaign” photoshoot

I Kissed A Vampire (movie) Stills

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