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SmallVille update

A few days ago, did I make a little research, and I found something really interesting at SmallVille Buzz about Lucas’s upcomming episodes!

To write in my own words what the post says, it says that Lucas will return as a young Lex Luthor, but yet he had aged since the “Reunion” episode!

Lucas will be Lex Luthor in (season 10) episode 13 called “Beacon” which will air February 4th 2011 on CW.

He will also appear once again as Lex Luthor in (season 10) episode 16 called “Scion” which will air February 25th 2011 on CW.

I will of course keep you all updated on news about these 2 upcomming episodes, and should you forget the time, have I added them into the site’s calendar 😉 So no worries.

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