Switched At Birth

Switched At Birth 1

Sorry for the lack of updates. I had a few problems with the gallery since made a few changes inthere it didn’t agree with. But I think I got all of the updates up there is!

Autumn’s tweet:

Celebrating w @mrgrabeel! His pilot was picked up! Cheers!

So, “Swithed At Birth” is a new upcomming show on ABC Family, where Lucas is set to play the big brother of two twins sisters that were seperated at birth. Both girls comes from two diffrent families and after they meet they also meet lots of drama while trying to find a new connection together with the other family in. I saw online that it’s set to air LATER THIS YEAR!
So let’s hope it’s gonna be a success and I can’t wait for more sneak peaks of this new exciting project 😉

I added 4 MQ behind the scenes pictures and the first MQ promotional picture. Enjoy! 😉

Behind the scenes


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