SmallVille Scion stills

16. February 2011 Lucas, Pictures 0

I have added the 2 new released stills from the upcomming “SmallVille” episode of with Lucas in, called “Scion” and it looks like Lucas is some kind of Superman in it? I am not sure what the pictures are supposed to tell us, but I am for sure excited to figure out what it is about.
Remember, Alexander’s sister Tess tried to kill him in “Beacon”? (it’s the last clip, for those who saw them) but the needle broke instead? Maybe he’s gained some superpowers or something like that? Who knows? 🙂

EDIT: I just added the same stills, UHQ (ultra high quality) untagged into the gallery! Credit to SmallVillebuzz! 🙂

Enjoy the new stills.

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