Live chat with Lucas

03. March 2011 Both, News 0

Lucas is doing a live chat THIS saturday, and everyone will get a chance to see him online, maybe even on camera and some lucky fans might even get a response from him on on what they write to him!

Lucas’s tweet:
Many of u have been asking me to do a live chat. Sorry it has taken me so long, but let’s talk this Frid. 5pm PST. Link coming soon.

UPDATE: Things have been changed! The NEW time is saturday at 10AM and it looks like Autumn will be there chatting too?

Lucas’s tweets:
Change of plans! I’ll be doing a live chat this Saturday 10AM PST.

Doing a live video chat this Saturday at 10AM. Looking forward to talking with you! Posting link tomorrow.

Autumn’s tweet:
Breakfast meeting w @mrgrabeel. Discussing live chat.

For those who don’t know the time diffrents from your country to Los Angeles, can you take a look at The World Clock.

Good luck catching him, and follow his twitter for more updates about him and for the chat link so you can see him. 😉

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