Gallery update 3

13. March 2011 Lucas, Pictures 0

So, while there’s no news and it’s weekend and everybody is off, have I been uploading the captures I took of the “SmallVille” episode “Scion” and also updated the gallery with 3 new photoshoots!

For those who’s still hyper from “Scion” or haven’t seen it yet or have seen it, but wishes to have it on the computer, can I tell that you are all able to purchase the episode on iTunes! 🙂 So feel free to get it now and re-watch or just ignore the link I just posted and look at what I got up on this site 😉

“Scion” 720p HD captures

Justin Stephens photoshoot

HSM2 Cast in London photoshoot

Tyler Shields / It’s On My Mind photoshoot

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