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18. March 2011 Lucas, Pictures 0

What long days these have been for me! Lots have been going on, both at this site, with some new stuff I’ve been working hard on and diffrent kinds of picture releases online! I’m happy that I got them all added into the gallery, while trying to finish up some work!
1 new “I Kissed A Vampire” still have been released on it’s official FaceBook page together with I deleted some of the old MQ stills and replaced them with some more HQ ones.

Yet later, writer and producer of “SmallVille”, Al Septien tweeted a new behind the scenes picture of Lucas, from the episode “Scion” with the following message:

Here’s the other pic I promised to post from SCION. It’s Lucas and me on the last night of shooting.

Didn’t post the pic before because Lucas had dark hair and didn’t want all the smart followers to figure out he was Conner.

Enjoy all of the new pictures and the old ‘updated’ pictures. 😉 and feel free to try figure out what’s new on this website (I will post what it is, very soon ;))

I Kissed A Vampire HQ stills

Behind the scenes of “Scion”

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