Switched at Birth and SFA updates

21. March 2011 Lucas, News, Pictures 0

It looks like, one of Lucas’s “Switched At Birth” co-stars, Constance Marie likes to update all of her and the SAB fans of what’s going on, both with her own life and on the set of SAB, and thanks to her, are there a new behind the scenes picture that features a dark-haired Lucas.

Lucas’s tweet:
Just finished a photo shoot for Switched at Birth. So fun- I’m really looking forward to working with everyone involved.

Constance’s tweet:
Ahhhhhhh the younger generation of Hot Stars! #SwitchedatBirth they are so talented it makes me sick!! http://yfrog.com/gz66htoj

Also, for Ashley Tisdale and/or Lashley fans who’s excited over “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” can I tell that the official movie site together with the FaceBook Page and the twitter page that in these days are both promotional pictures, movie stills, video clips, sneak peaks, DVD commersials and so on getting released.
Sadly Lucas isn’t featured in anything of it! I have a feeling if there’s a still with his cameo or a behind the scenes photo of him, that it first will release AFTER the DVD release and mayb also after the TV premiere! 🙁 (so no one will get spoiled, I bet).
But we’re all hoping excited to see him as the movie gets released, right? 😉 So heads up everyone, there’s LESS than a month left for the DVD release! ;D

Enjoy the new picture. 😉

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