SAB: The Tempest

04. January 2012 Lucas, Music, News, Pictures, Videos 0

First of all, thank you everyone who sended me sweet birthday messages yesterday. They really made my day. Thanks for the love <3 I have uploaded almost 300 captures of last night's "Switched at Birth" episode, "Starry Night" and 1 new still from the upcomming "The Tempest" that's airing next tuesday. In the case you missed the episode can you watch it for free on the official website or you can purchase it on iTunes.
Also, ABC Family have opened an official shop for “Switched at Birth” where you can buy anything from clothes to iPhone/iPad skins to watches and lots of other stuff. Check it out.

And some lovely goodies from ABC Family, if you read their 2 pages interview with Lucas about his music then you can get a FREE download of his song “Big Mistake”. What’s ya waiting for?

“Starry Night” captures

“The Tempest” still

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