“I Kissed A Vampire” on VOD June 1st

26. May 2012 Both, Pictures, Videos 0

Autumn’s and Lucas’s long wanted musical “I Kissed A Vampire” is comming on VOD (Video On Demand) June 1st and is set to be released on DVD July 10th.
Are you gonna rent it or waiting for the DVD? 🙂

Also, “I Kissed A Vampire” has made some funny stuff like What is Lucas thinking? and have also released a new still with both Autumn and Lucas, which would be up in the gallery soon, if my plans works out as supposed to! 😉

What is Lucas thinking? #1
Dr. Dan, Chris Miller, and I are trying to figure out how to get back to Sarah who has vanished with evil Trey Sylvania. It looks like he’s saying, “Look, I only ate five sandwiches, there’s still some snack packs and granola bars in the cooler.”

What is Lucas thinking? #2
This is from the finale number, Happily Afterlife. You can see my sister, Autumn, behind me on the left. Right after this picture was taken I swallowed a bug and was coughing for 10 minutes. Learned my lesson well: keep your mouth closed while dancing on a coffin.

And last, a new behind the scenes video of “Forbidden Planet” with Lucas. Enjoy.

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