Lucas presenting at the 40th Annual Annie Awards

26. March 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0


Lucas attended the 40th Annual Annie Awards back in February, the days up to the big Oscars. He was presenting together with Jessica DiCicco.

Autumn’s tweet:
Yay! At LAX about to pick up my mom! @MrGrabeel is about to present at the Annie Awards. U can watch it live at

Lucas’s tweets:
About to walk the #redcarpet at the #annieawards with @jessicadicicco. We’re presenting tonight!

“@jessicadicicco: Robot chicken wins it! #Annieawards #cyborgturkey @MrGrabeel” So fun tonight.

“@jessicadicicco: @jessicadicicco: #Annieawards!! @MrGrabeel @MAURICELAMARCHE @yakkopinky” Legends!

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