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Taking a short break

Hey guys.

Last week was a bad week for me! My computer died monday evening. Luckely did I make a backup of this complete website and the pictures in the gallery, so nothing should be lost. So, not only did I spend all the week on computer hunting, but I also got sick and had to deal with that as well.
Today, a week after all the bad happenings at once, I’m taking a short break, where I’ll recover 100% and than get back to work slowly as I get all of my programs back as well.
I’m not sure if I will be back by the end of this week or first after this weekend (so my break has been 1-2 week(s)).

About Lucas Grabeel Web, I think fanfusion deleted the site without telling anyone. I have e-mailed them I don’t know how many times, asking them to give it back to us, but they don’t even wanna respond to me! -.-
So, for now, Lucas Grabeel Web probobly won’t be back, but when I’m fully back on track again, I might ask another host if they wanna host the website and try get it back up.
If anyone of you Grabeelsters feeling like helping/supporting me in this, your free to either e-mail me, leave a comment or write to Grabeel fansites on Google+.

Thank you! I’ll try be back as soon as I’m recovered, I promise 😉

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