“Switched at Birth” S03E13 “Like A Snowball Down A Montain”

21. June 2014 Lucas, Videos 0

SAB S03E13

Seems like there’s not many updates nor releases for now. Not a single still or promo with Lucas for that matters 🙁
Let’s just keep on hoping we soon will hear about Toby’s big adventure on Iceland – cause we know it’s coming 😉

Click more to read what’s coming up 🙂 (Might contain spoiler)

Like A Snowball Down A Mountain: Bay and Emmett work together to combat Matthew’s blackmail threat and make an unexpected discovery. Daphne gets a big opportunity at the clinic but worries about how it affects her boyfriend Campbell.
Meanwhile, Kathryn enjoys the perks of being the author of a highly-anticipated book, until someone from her past threatens its publication

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