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Switched at Birth: S03E15 And We Bring The Light

Guess who’s back?? 😀 Toby (Lucas) is FINALLY back on “Switched at Birth” from Iceland. See him on monday’s new episode “And We Bring The Light”.
I have added 6 stills into the gallery, I have a new promo and a clip of Toby! Enjoy.

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Click more to read about the episode (might contain spoilers)

And We Bring The Light: Toby returns from Iceland with a new attitude and a new aspiration. Back from a soul-searching trip to Iceland after his failed marriage, Toby returns with a new perspective on life and a surprising new aspiration for his career.
Bay’s college dreams are knocked for a loop when she doesn’t get the news she expected. Angelo helps Daphne redirect her senior year stresses with a baking challenge. Meanwhile, Regina’s participation in the East Riverside project brings her to yet another moral crossroad.

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