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Switched at Birth: S03E18 It Isn’t What You Think

Last monday was quite a shocker, wasn’t it? Next monday might get even crazier, or what do you think?
Next monday would be “It Isn’t What You Think” that’s airing. I have 2 stills, a promo and 2 clips for you all to enjoy!

Oh and did you hear… “Switched at Birth” is getting a christmas episode that will air this December? I’m SO excited for it 😀

Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)
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It Isn’t What You Think

It Isn’t What You Think: Rattled by surprising news, Bay makes an effort to be friends with Tank. When Bay offers to be moral support for Tank as he meets his father for dinner, she finds that she may have Bitten off more than she can chew.
Toby continues to stir things up with Lily, yet a conflict regarding a make-up test for Sharee raises unwanted confrontation between the two.
Meanwhile, Daphne and Travis make life-changing decisions when they find out their admission results from Gallaudet University.
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