SAB S04E08 “Art Like Love Is Dedication”

24. February 2015 Lucas, Videos 0
SAB S04E08 “Art Like Love Is Dedication”

Last week’s episode was “Fog and Storm and Rain”. Tonight is it the episode “Art Like Love Is Dedication” on ABC Family.
Sadly, I fear there won’t be released any stills of Toby, during this part of season 4. We can only hope there’s lots of them on the way. 🙂
Enjoy the promo that’s released.

4×7 Fog and Storm and Rain
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Continue for spoilers.

Art Like Love Is Dedication:
Bay tries to figure out how she can pursue an art career. Regina invites Eric (Terrell Tilford) and his son to stay with her temporarily. Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch) asks Daphne to hang out. Meanwhile, Kathryn offers to help Travis with his English.
Source: SpoilersGuide (edited text).

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