SAB S04E10 “There Is My Heart”

09. March 2015 Lucas, Videos 1
SAB S04E10 “There Is My Heart”

So, tomorrow is the midseason finale of season 4 of “Switched at Birth” with the episode “There Is My Heart”.
Without having an official date yet, I’m guessing “Switched at Birth” is going to return around June, where summer begins. So there will be something to look forward to 🙂

Enjoy the promo and 2 sneak peak clips of the upcoming midseason finale.

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Watch on SAB’s facebook page

Watch on SAB’s facebook page

There Is My Heart:
Bay fights for her relationship with Emmett. Intent on making their relationship work, Bay surprises Emmett with a visit to Los Angeles while he’s shooting his first big class project. Daphne is distraught with her performance in school and the idea of letting Bay and her family down. Kathryn and Toby get the chance to have their musical produced. Meanwhile, Regina is shocked by Eric’s reaction to a buyout offer on the coffeeshop.
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