Disney Channel’s “Elena of Avalor”

12. July 2016 Lucas, News, Videos 0
Disney Channel’s “Elena of Avalor”

According to an article on BroadwayWorld, will Lucas be recurring guest in Disney Channel’s upcoming new series, “Elena of Avalor”, where he will be the voice of Jiku, the leader of the Noblings.
I gotta say his role will most likely be like Family Guy and the Dragon series, that he will appear from time to time and not in all episodes.
But let’s hope his character will stay in the show and the series will have many seasons. I will do my best on updating the series page with all the episodes he will appear in and will have captures as well as I find the time for it 🙂

“Elena of Avalor” is set to premiere on Disney Channel friday 22nd July at 7-8 pm, EDT.

Thanks to Dom for the heads up. 😀

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