Lucas’ Biography

Here’s what we know about Lucas.

Lucas Stephen Grabeel is born November 23 1984 in Springfield, Missouri. He’s son of Jean and Stephen Grabeel and little brother to Autumn Grabeel.
In the age of 6-12 did he play baseball, but from 12 and up did he start take drama lessons and started being on Springfield Little Theatre.
When he got older, did he start teaching in not only drama, but also music and have playing on instruments in his local church.
He went to diffrent schools, and one of the many schools he attended was Kickapoo High School, which is known to be “Brad Pitt’s high school”.

In the age of 19, did he together with his 21 year old big sister, move away from home to Los Angeles and have lived there since then. They have both shared a home together but are now living in their own home.
He started his acting career in 2003 with commersials and small parts in TV shows, but his first movie had premiere on Disney Channel in 2004, which was “Halloweentown High” the 3rd movie in the Halloweentown-series. After “Halloweentown High” did he go to audition for the movie “High School Musical” where he got to play Ryan Evans, Sharpay’s twin brother who’s always wearing a lots of hats, which is what he’s probobly most known as.

Since his big break in “High School Musical” have he had guest appearances in TV shows like “SmallVille”, “Boston Legal”, “Veronica Mars”, “‘Til Death”, “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show” and had leading roles in “The Adventures Of Food Boy”, “Lock and Roll Forever”, “I Kissed A Vampire” and also were in the oscar nominated movie “Milk” with Sean Penn as the leading man.

Some funny facts he’d told in interviews is stuff like; he’s left handed. He LOVES sandwiches and can’t go a day without eating one. He can play on 12 instruments. His “best friend” is his guitar, which he got when he was 12. He likes to be creative and is always working on something. Some of his biggest hobbies when he’s not working is painting, writting his own music or playing music on whatever instrument he got.

Also, he likes to support diffrent campaigns and have supported “NOH8 Campaign”, “It’s On My Mind” and “Love Is Louder”.