Alice Upside Down

Role: Lester McKinley
Genre: Kids, family
Censur: G
Status: Comeplete and out
Premiere: 2007
Release: 29. July 2007
Available as: Blu-ray | DVD | Online

Alice McKinley – Alyson Stoner
Lester McKinley – Lucas Grabeel
Ben McKinley – Luke Perry
Mrs. Plotkin – Penny Marshall
Miss Cole – Ashley (Drane) Eckstein
Elizabeth – Parker McKenna Posey
Patrick – Dylan McLaughlin
Pamela – Bridgit Mendler
Aunt Sally – Ann Dowd
Kelly – Jilanne Klaus
Loretta – Jona Xiao
Mr. Edgecombe – Boris Kodjoe
Mrs. Price – Monica Parks
Salesgirl – Lindsey Trout
Marilyn – Alexandra Basso
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Welcome to the world of Alice McKinley (Alyson Stoner) who’s just moved to a new town with her dad Ben (Luke Perry) and brother Lester (Lucas Grabeel). In her imagination Alice is cool, confident and popular, but in reality, she feels like she can’t do anything right. Can Alice survive the embarrassments of being ‘the new girl’, and the miseries of Mrs. Plotkins sixth grade class?

About Lester McKinley
Lester is Alice’s big brother. He’s in high school and enjoying life with his band and going out with several girls and doesn’t want to attend college.


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