Halloweentown High

Disney Channel Original Movie “Halloweentown High” from 2004

Role: Ethan the Warlock
Genre: Kids, family, halloween
Censur: G (all ages)
Runtime: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Movie company: Disney
Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé
Written by: Paul Bernbaum & Dan Berendsen
Status: Complete
TV Premiere: Halloween 2004
DVD & VHS release: September 13 2005
Available as: VHS | DVD | Blu-Ray | Online | Ultra HD / 4K

Marnie Piper – Kimberly J. Brown
Aggie Cromwell – Debbie Reynolds
Gwen Cromwell Piper – Judith Hoag
Dylan Piper – Joey Zimmerman
Sophie Piper – Emily Roeske
Cody – Finn Wittrock
Principal Flannigan – Clifton Davis
Cassie the Witch – Eliana Reyes
Ethan the Warlock – Lucas Grabeel
Dalloway – Michael Flynn
Natalie the pink Troll – Olesya Rulin
Pete the Werewolf – Todd Michael Schwartzman
Little Chester – Clayton Taylor
Big Chester – Jesse Harward
Six armed man – Jeff Olson
Pumpkinhead – Frank Gerrish
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A portal has been opened between the human world and Halloweentown and Marnie sets up an exchange program to bring a group of Halloweentown students to attend her human high school. When she inadvertently bets the Cromwell magic that no harm will come to the students, strange things start happening! Marnie and her family must get to the bottom of things and protect the students from the legendary Knights of the Iron Dagger – and save their own powers.

Ethan is an exchange student from Halloweentown, comming with others to explore the human world and make friends. Ethan is under the power of his dad and has the mission to help making chaos up to Halloween, but as his best friend gets kidnapped, he backs out and goes against his father.



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