I Kissed A Vampire movie

Role: Dylan Knight
Genre: Rock Musical
Censur: PG
Status: Complete
Premiere: June 12nd 2010
Release: July 10th 2012
Avaible as: Blu-Ray | DVD | Online

Dylan Knight – Lucas Grabeel
Trey Sylvania – Drew Seeley
Sara Lane – Adrian Slade
Luna Dark (Vampirette) – Amy Paffrath
Dr. Dan Helsing – Chris Coppola
Lydia Bloodworth (Vampirette) – Katie Seeley
Bitty Kilgore (Vampirette) – Sally Slade
Penny Plasma (Vampirette) – Autumn Grabeel
Desiree Damned (Vampirette) – Emily Morris
Dr. Lori Light – Lori Lively
Nikki No – Mekia Cox
Exchange student – Tahlena Chikami
Dancer – Joe Abanto

About Dylan Knight
After turning into a vampire, is Dylan frighten that the girl he likes will turn into a vampire too. From the moment she’s a vampire herself, do they decide to take action together and get out of the vampire-world.

After discovering Dylan’s transforming into a vampire a teenager tries desperately to save himself and the girl (Sara) he loves from his powerful vamp mentor in this rock musical.



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