SAB S04E07 Fog and Storm and Rain

17. February 2015 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
SAB S04E07 Fog and Storm and Rain
Last week was it “Black and Gray” that aired. Tonight is it the episode “Fog and Storm and Rain”. I have a promo for you all to enjoy. 4×6 Black and Gray ABC Family | iTunes | Amazon | Hulu Captures: 4×5 At the First Clear Word, 4×6 Black and Gray

Merry christmas everyone!

25. December 2012 Autumn, Music, Site updates, Videos 0
Hey all Grabeel fans outthere worldwide. I just wanted to wish you all (also Autumn and Lucas of course) a very merry christmas! I hope it’s a great and healthy one. How many of you got something with Autumn and/or Lucas for christmas? Please share in the comments! 😀 By the way, I’ll do my ...

“I Kissed A Vampire” new Penny Plasma clips

06. April 2012 Autumn, Both, Videos, Videos 0
“I Kissed A Vampire” has released some behind the scenes stuff featuring Autumn as the vampirette Penny Plasma in “Shiny New Vampire” and “Welcome to the Underworld” (which I heard is the opening song to the movie). In case you missed it, did I also post behind the scenes of “Little Peck”, “Feel U”, “Justa ...

Autumn’s christmas album

22. December 2011 Autumn, Music, Videos 0
Seems like Autumn have been busy recording a christmas album a few years ago and being in a such lovely christmas mood this year she wanna share the songs she recorded. Click on a title to listen to it on youtube. Baby, It’s Cold Outside Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree Winter Wonderland Carol of the ...

Autumn in “Uninspired”

15. November 2011 Autumn, Videos 0
A hot and undressed Autumn appears in the band ACIDIC’s new music video “Uninspired”. (The video might not be apropriate for minors – just a warning :)) Here’s me in my blue undies beating up the band! Check out ACIDIC’s new music video. Do you also feel “Uninspired” or did Autumn inspire you for ...

Lazy Daze – behind the scenes

22. October 2011 Autumn, Pictures, Videos 0
I have uploaded 4 new behind the scenes pictures of Autumn in the upcomming “Lazy Daze” music video by Drew Seeley, and there’s a video from behind the scenes with a very short sneak peak, but sadly there’s no Autumn to spot! 🙁 Well, we hope to see her in the music video, right? 😉 ...