Teen Choice Awards 2014
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Teen Choice Awards 2014

Like every other year has Autumn been standing next to Lucas during the Teen Choice Awards and this year was no difference!
Sadly, Lucas didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean he’s no winner to all of his fans 😉
Also, I didn’t find any clip from the show or the red carpet that Lucas appeared in (nor Autumn for that matter), so I’m only posting the rehearsals from the day before and the red carpet. Enjoy.

Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat at Teen Choice Awards – Day 1

Teen Choice Awards – blue carpet

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2013 Disney Media Networks International Upfronts

Autumn joined Lucas with the SAB cast, during the Disney international upfronts, at May 19th. Sadly I didn't find many untagged pictures or high quality, but I might add some more later. :) For now, there's 3 red carpet...
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“Family Guy”‘s 200th Episode Celebration

Autumn and Lucas both attended "Family Guy"'s 200th episode celebration last friday, November 2nd! Maybe you remember Lucas's guest starring on "Family Guy"? He was the voice of Anthony, Megan's boyfriend in season 8, episode 13 "Go, Stewie, Go!",...
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New music video parody: “We’ll Do Anything”

Both Autumn and Lucas have been working on this political parody music video which is apparently called "We'll Do Anything". Mitch Klebanoff's twitter: Fans of @MrGrabeel @incfilms @bradtobler @autumngrabeel we're prepping to release our video to @RockTheVote !! pic.twitter.com/shbH2F6S...
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“I Kissed A Vampire” on VOD June 1st

Autumn's and Lucas's long wanted musical "I Kissed A Vampire" is comming on VOD (Video On Demand) June 1st and is set to be released on DVD July 10th. Are you gonna rent it or waiting for the DVD?...
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Signing in the Street Downtown Disney

Lucas was rocking a beard last saturday in Disney Resort Anaheim with his "Switched at Birth" co-stars as they attended Signing in the Street Downtown Disney. Even Autumn went to support her brother and tweeted us a picture. 'Switched...
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IKAV: Out for Blood

So there's a new clip released together with some nice info on the official FaceBook page where there is now added 2 theatres onto the list of where the movie is comming. Keep an eye on the FaceBook page...
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I Kissed A Vampire theatrical trailer

The theatrical trailer for Autumn and Lucas's movie "I Kissed A Vampire" has been released. The movie is set to be released in North USA in spring break 2012, but no information about the rest of USA or the...
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New IKAV updates

"I Kissed A Vampire" has released a new HQ poster on FaceBook, that not just have Lucas on the poster, but it also features Autumn together with the rest of the vampirettes. - So let's start the poll, new...