In next episode of “Doraemon”, will Lucas be singing for Big G. I’m not sure how big a part Lucas actually has in the episode, but if you have Disney XD, you should check in and find out :)
Meanwhile, I have uploaded some behind the scenes photos into the gallery along with a smaller interview below, enjoy.

“Big G’s Big Show” is set to air this monday 3. August on Disney XD (remember to check what time in your area).

Source: JustJaredJr.

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According to Amazon, has Lucas dubbed a original Chinese animation movie called “Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn”, which is set to release 29. June in Europe. I checked but it doesn’t seem like there will be a US release in the near future, but you never know.
The animated movie is based on a Chinese video game. Here’s a trailer for it.

Dragon Next: Warrior’s Dawn


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Good news to all fans of Sheriff Callie and Peck, the cartoon has officially got a season 2, that will air later this year and I am pretty sure Lucas is already back in the studio, recording some new episodes.

While we’re waiting for more news and hopefully better updates for this season, am I working on capturing the entire season 1, of which I have uploaded captures from the first 2 episodes. You can go to the section here.

Source: zap2it.

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Just a reminder to keep voting for Lucas. Tomorrow (saturday) is the LAST day of voting and on sunday will it be live on TV..
So, keep an eye online to see what might appear during the weekend and remember to come back next week to see pictures of Lucas from the red carpet :)
Fingers crossed that his 3rd nomination brings him his first award for his great job in “Switched at Birth”.


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Teen Choice Awards 2014


And once again has Lucas AND “Switched at Birth” been nominated for a Teen Choice Awards.
This is his 3rd nomination – so wanna make 3 his lucky number and vote non-stop for him? :D


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