SAB: Protect Me from What I Want

10. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
You can re-watch last tuesday’s episode “Las Dos Fridas” on the official website or purchase it on iTunes. I have uploaded some more HQ and a new still and behind the scenes picture from “Las Dos Fridas”, and I have 2 new stills from next tuesday’s episode “Protect Me from What I Want” together with ...

SAB: Las Dos Fridas

05. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 9
Last tuesday’s episode “Expulsion From the Garden of Eden” is up on the official website as well as iTunes for you to watch and purchase. Meanwhile did I upload 3 new stills from next tuesday’s episode called “Las Dos Fridas” which I am not sure what means (or if it’s spanish or what language it ...

L8R: Pledge now – text & drive video

27. January 2012 Lucas, Videos 1
Remember a while ago, Autumn tweeted about a video Lucas was doing about texting and driving at the same time? Well, the video has been released. Hear what Lucas has to say about it, and learn more about L8R’s text and drive pledge! Are you guilty or innocent of texting while driving?

SAB: Expulsion From the Garden of Eden

27. January 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 2
So, last tuedays’s episode “Les Soeurs d’Estrées” can be watched for free on the official website and you all can purchase it as well on iTunes. I have uploaded a new still from the upcomming episode “Expulsion From the Garden of Eden” together with a new twit-picture taken by Lucas himself January 16th on the ...

Switched at Birth worldwide?

21. January 2012 Lucas, News, Videos 1
It looks like “Switched at Birth” is on it’s way all around the world. How exciting is that, huh? Check out what co-star D.W. Moffett (on-screen dad, John Kennish) wrote on his official FaceBook page and also the video below of Sean Berdy and Lucas. TCAs (Television Critics Association) in the morning! Whole cast will ...

SAB: Les Soeurs d’Estrées

20. January 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 3
So, there’s 1 new still of next tuesday’s episode “Les Soeurs d’Estrees” which is french and means (according to Google translator) “The Sisters of d’Estrées”. Meanwhile can you watch “Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear” for free on ABC Family or you can purchase it on iTunes while waiting for next tuesday! I also have added 720 ...

SAB: Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear

14. January 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
While I am working on the captures from last tuesday’s episode, “The Tempest” can you either watch it for free on the website, purchase it on iTunes or keep waiting for next tuesday, lol. So, here’s 3 new stills, upcomming captures and some new sneaks peaks of next tuesday’s episode: “Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear”. Enjoy! ...

A Switched Christmas

22. December 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
I know it’s early, but in this case, better early than late! I wanna wish all of my daily guests, my new guests, affiliates, Autumn and Lucas and so on, a very merry christmas. I hope it’s gonna be a great one for everyone. (And feel free to share if you’ve wished some Autumn and ...

More upcomming SAB stuff

08. December 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
So in LESS than a month, will “Switched at Birth” returns on TV in USA while 5 days will the first “Switched at Birth: Volume One” DVD release. Excited? I am for sure. If you want my latest theory about the upcomming show, please read my post on iHeartLucas! Feel free to leave a comment ...

A Switched Christmas and Winter

27. November 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
As we’re getting closer to christmas are we also getting closer to the DVD release of the first 10 episodes of SAB and the new episodes comming in January. While waiting did 3 behind the scenes of ABCFamily’s “25 Days Of Christmas” photoshoot with the SAB cast released together with a new winter promo. Are ...