“Switched at Birth” interviews, what’s comming up?

25. June 2013 Lucas, Videos 0
Sorry, I haven’t updated in a while. I am currently busy with trying to get up some new features for the site and working on capturing season 2! Here’s some interviews that released, during the premiere, June 10th.. You can also read the live tweeting Lucas did during the premiere.. You can read all the ...

Switched at Birth season 2 episode 11+12

02. June 2013 Lucas, Videos 0
It seems like there’s released sneak peaks of episode 12 called “Distorted House”, but there’s not much released about the premiere episode (11) “Mother and Child Devided”, which is airing monday June 10th. Anyone who is more excited than me for the SAB return?? 😀 I just finished uploading the rest of season 1 captures ...

Lil Hashtag, a celebrity gossip rapper

16. April 2013 Lucas, Videos 0
Heard the words? We got a new gossip source AND music talent! His name is Lil Hashtag. His language might not be the best (a bit swearing), but he’s actually quiet funny. Seen him? You can check him out here! 😉 Remember to follow him: Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

“Top Story! Weekly” featuring Lucas

16. April 2013 Lucas, Videos 0
Sunday March 24th was Lucas guest at a small group that makes theater/parody stuff, I think. Lucas wrote his own sketch “Jurassic Park Musical” and he also introduced Lil Hashtag! Because of the lots of swearing, click Continue to see all the sketches he did that night. Don’t miss our LA Scripted Comedy Fest show ...

“Switched at Birth” returning this summer

08. April 2013 Lucas, News, Videos 0
The other half of “Switched at Birth” season 2 will return to TV monday june 10th on ABC Family. The cast are currently filming what’s comming up, and I am hoping to see more of Toby in the next episodes and also hope for more stills. While we’re waiting for summer, can you re-watch everything ...

Lucas presenting at the 40th Annual Annie Awards

26. March 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas attended the 40th Annual Annie Awards back in February, the days up to the big Oscars. He was presenting together with Jessica DiCicco. Autumn’s tweet: Yay! At LAX about to pick up my mom! @MrGrabeel is about to present at the Annie Awards. U can watch it live at http://annieawards.org/watch-it-live/ Lucas’s tweets: About to ...

SAB: season 2, episode 4+5

30. January 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
I know, I know.. Your probobly thinking I am too lazy to update weekly about “Switched at Birth”, but trust me, it’s not as easy to live on your own and live your life and at the same time take care of 4 websites! So, I’m doing the best I can 😉 I have sneaks ...

“Chocolate Milk” official trailer

30. January 2013 Lucas, Videos 0
Here’s the newest trailer of the upcomming silly and cheesy comedy where Lucas got a cameo as a guy called Stan. According to the FaceBook page is the movie now complete but not yet any words on a release dato. Also, IMDB has written it’s a 23 minutes short comedy, so apparently no actual movie.

SAB: season 2, episode 2+3

17. January 2013 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
I’m sorry that I was too busy update last week about last monday’s episode, but I am now making a 2-in-1 post to make it up! 😉 I have some new behind the scenes pictures, sneak peaks and promo’s, links and an article! Read the article: “Switched at Birth’s Ground-breaking Television Event“ Watch S02E01 “The ...

Switched at Birth: The Door to Freedom

07. January 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
The wait is finally over! TONIGHT is it season premiere of season 2! Who’s excited? Remember to tune in and check into GetGlue (if you have that) or come back later for links where to watch it 🙂 I also have some new behind the scenes pictures, a new (old) photo from season 1’s promotionals ...

“Switched at Birth” season 2 first sneak peak!

05. December 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
In a few days will there be just 1 month and than less till the premiere of “Switched at Birth” season 2, which premieres January 7th on ABC Family! For now, here’s the lastest pictures, sneak peak and the christmas commercial from last year to cheer you up 😉 Behind the scenes of season 2 ...