Lucas presenting at the 40th Annual Annie Awards

26. March 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas attended the 40th Annual Annie Awards back in February, the days up to the big Oscars. He was presenting together with Jessica DiCicco. Autumn’s tweet: Yay! At LAX about to pick up my mom! @MrGrabeel is about to present at the Annie Awards. U can watch it live at Lucas’s tweets: About to ...

SAB: season 2, episode 4+5

30. January 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
I know, I know.. Your probobly thinking I am too lazy to update weekly about “Switched at Birth”, but trust me, it’s not as easy to live on your own and live your life and at the same time take care of 4 websites! So, I’m doing the best I can 😉 I have sneaks ...

“Chocolate Milk” official trailer

30. January 2013 Lucas, Videos 0
Here’s the newest trailer of the upcomming silly and cheesy comedy where Lucas got a cameo as a guy called Stan. According to the FaceBook page is the movie now complete but not yet any words on a release dato. Also, IMDB has written it’s a 23 minutes short comedy, so apparently no actual movie.

SAB: season 2, episode 2+3

17. January 2013 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
I’m sorry that I was too busy update last week about last monday’s episode, but I am now making a 2-in-1 post to make it up! 😉 I have some new behind the scenes pictures, sneak peaks and promo’s, links and an article! Read the article: “Switched at Birth’s Ground-breaking Television Event“ Watch S02E01 “The ...

Switched at Birth: The Door to Freedom

07. January 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
The wait is finally over! TONIGHT is it season premiere of season 2! Who’s excited? Remember to tune in and check into GetGlue (if you have that) or come back later for links where to watch it 🙂 I also have some new behind the scenes pictures, a new (old) photo from season 1’s promotionals ...

“Switched at Birth” season 2 first sneak peak!

05. December 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
In a few days will there be just 1 month and than less till the premiere of “Switched at Birth” season 2, which premieres January 7th on ABC Family! For now, here’s the lastest pictures, sneak peak and the christmas commercial from last year to cheer you up 😉 Behind the scenes of season 2 ...

“Wreck-It Ralph” Los Angeles Premiere

09. November 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas attended the premiere of the new Disney animated movie “Wreck-It Ralph” monday 29th October. As you can see, Lucas rocked a Hammer Girl t-shirt (an official “Switched at Birth” merchadise). Check out various interviews with him during the premiere and about the movie. Lucas at 1:34 – 2:06 Lucas at 1:17 – 2:25 Lucas ...

SAB: Street Noises Invade the House

19. October 2012 Lucas, Videos 0
And we are comming to the finale of “Switched at Birth” season 1. Next episode “Street Noises Invade the House” will air next monday, but cheer up, they are already working on season 2 by now! I will post more info later, I promise. The Trial ABC Family | ABC Family app | iTunes | ...

SAB: The Trial

11. October 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Getting ready for the 2nd last episode of season 1? Well, it’s October, so the cast is set to start shooting season 2 very soon. So let’s root for more Toby plot and stills 😉 Next episode is called “The Trial” and sadly there’s neither a still, sneak peak or clip of Lucas! But I’ll ...

Roam14 Winners

11. October 2012 Lucas, Videos 0
Roam14 has uploaded a video on YouTube with Lucas announcening the winners. Did you enter the contest? You can find Roam14 on the official website, FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube! Shooting is set to happen next year in Rome.

SAB: We Are The Kraken of Our Sinking Ships

06. October 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Thanks to Liza, there’s FINALLY a still of Lucas! I have a still of Toby and Nikki from last monday’s episode “The Declaration of Independence”. Also last monday, Lucas did a live chat during the new episode. I’ve uploaded the ad and a picture from it. You can check out his chat on Twitter and ...