SAB: The Declaration of Independence

27. September 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Uncategorized, Videos 0
It seriously suck that there’s no stills or behind the scenes pictures anymore of Lucas! 🙁 I have a sneak peak from next episode “The Declaration of Independence” and 1 quote picture from the fall premiere! Tree of Forgiveness ABC Family | ABC Family app | iTunes | Hulu | Netflix Quotes

Switched at Birth: Tree of Forgiveness

21. September 2012 Lucas, Videos 0
Sadly there’s no stills from the upcomming episode “Tree of Forgiveness” but there’s a sneak peak and a new clip released. Meanwhile can you re-watch the latest episode and purchase it as well. The Shock of Being Seen ABC Family | iTunes | Hulu | Netflix

SAB: The Shock of Being Seen

13. September 2012 Lucas, Videos 0
Sadly there’s not much released with Lucas of next monday’s episode! All I have is a normal sneak peak captioned of next monday and general. No new Lucas clip or picture! 🙁 But while waiting for next monday can you re-watch/purchase “This is the Color of My Dreams” and “The Intruder” online right here: “This ...

Switched at Birth: The Intruder

06. September 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
So, “Switched at Birth” is back on the screen. Isn’t that just nice? I’m for sure loving it! Next episode; “The Intruder” will air next monday at the same time as last monday on ABC Family, and here’s all the latest stills, sneak peaks, behind the scenes and chat/e-mails. I also have uploaded 720 HD ...

SAB: This is the Color of My Dreams

13. August 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
And we’re counting down till the last episodes of season 1 and hoping for a season 2, right? 🙂 While counting down the days, have ABC Family released a chat and some e-mails between the caracters. Pretty interesting entertaiment! “This is the Color of My Dreams” will air monday September 3rd on ABC Family. Behind ...

New project: New-Gen Deadalus Rising

13. June 2012 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas posted earlier this year, some twitter pictures from the set where he was shooting something new. Now is two videos out, a sneak peak and a behind the scenes video of a new feature film, a Marvel movie with an animated Lucas which is set to hit theatres in 2013. Lucas is set to ...

Funny or Die & Stand4Change: Defeat the Label

04. May 2012 Lucas, Videos 1
Lucas is now part of Funny or Die and Stand4Change‘s new anti-bullying campaign, “Defeat the Label” which is about standing up to bullying and take a picture or shoot a short video of what you’ve done to make a change. You can figure out way more by watching the video below. It’s not the first ...

“Virginia” official trailer

19. April 2012 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
One of Lucas’s long wanted movie, original called “What’s Wrong With Virginia?”, which is now called “Virginia” has now a released trailer. Wanna see how many times you can spot Lucas? The movie is set to be in theaters May 18th 2012, according to the movie’s new FaceBook Page! So check it out and keep ...