“135n8” official single artwork

17. January 2013 Lucas, Music, News, Pictures 1
I’m releasing a single very soon. Here’s a look at the #albumart. #135n8 instagr.am/p/UXbIcqHnAu/ — Lucas Grabeel (@MrGrabeel) January 12, 2013 Lucas’s twitter: I’m releasing a single very soon. Here’s a look at the #albumart. #135n8 http://instagr.am/p/UXbIcqHnAu/

ABC 2013 Winter TCA Tour

16. January 2013 Lucas, Pictures 0
Lucas joined his castmates from “Switched at Birth” to the yearly ABC Winter TCA Tour. Sadly there’s not much online yet of him, but there might come something more with the days 😉 Check out the pictures I’ve uploaded into the gallery.

Switched at Birth: The Door to Freedom

07. January 2013 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
The wait is finally over! TONIGHT is it season premiere of season 2! Who’s excited? Remember to tune in and check into GetGlue (if you have that) or come back later for links where to watch it 🙂 I also have some new behind the scenes pictures, a new (old) photo from season 1’s promotionals ...

Merry christmas everyone!

25. December 2012 Autumn, Music, Site updates, Videos 0
Hey all Grabeel fans outthere worldwide. I just wanted to wish you all (also Autumn and Lucas of course) a very merry christmas! I hope it’s a great and healthy one. How many of you got something with Autumn and/or Lucas for christmas? Please share in the comments! 😀 By the way, I’ll do my ...

“Switched at Birth” season 2 first sneak peak!

05. December 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
In a few days will there be just 1 month and than less till the premiere of “Switched at Birth” season 2, which premieres January 7th on ABC Family! For now, here’s the lastest pictures, sneak peak and the christmas commercial from last year to cheer you up 😉 Behind the scenes of season 2 ...

A happy birthday from Fabulous Grabeel

05. December 2012 Both 0
I just wanted to wish Autumn and Lucas a great birthday from Fabulous Grabeel. Yes, I know I am late with the update, BUT I did tweet both of them at the day! So I didn’t forget them at all 😉 I hope both of them had a great birthday at 20th and 23rd November ...

“Family Guy”‘s 200th Episode Celebration

09. November 2012 Both, Pictures 1
Autumn and Lucas both attended “Family Guy”‘s 200th episode celebration last friday, November 2nd! Maybe you remember Lucas’s guest starring on “Family Guy”? He was the voice of Anthony, Megan’s boyfriend in season 8, episode 13 “Go, Stewie, Go!”, which premiered March 14th 2010. Autumn’s tweet: #SethMcfarlane’s 200th episode party for #FamilyGuy! @mrgrabeel #redcarpet http://instagr.am/p/RjauEqS8AQ/ ...

“Wreck-It Ralph” Los Angeles Premiere

09. November 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas attended the premiere of the new Disney animated movie “Wreck-It Ralph” monday 29th October. As you can see, Lucas rocked a Hammer Girl t-shirt (an official “Switched at Birth” merchadise). Check out various interviews with him during the premiere and about the movie. Lucas at 1:34 – 2:06 Lucas at 1:17 – 2:25 Lucas ...

New music video parody: “We’ll Do Anything”

26. October 2012 Both, Music, News, Pictures 2
Both Autumn and Lucas have been working on this political parody music video which is apparently called “We’ll Do Anything”. Mitch Klebanoff’s twitter: Fans of @MrGrabeel @incfilms @bradtobler @autumngrabeel we’re prepping to release our video to @RockTheVote !! pic.twitter.com/shbH2F6S We’ll be releasing our Election Parody Music Video WE’LL DO ANYTHING starring LUCAS GRABEEL in the ...

“Switched at Birth” season 2: Behind the scenes

26. October 2012 Lucas, Pictures 1
As you might already know, they are in these days shooting season 2 of “Switched at Birth” and while the final episode is out are the first behind the scenes pictures also out! “Switched at Birth” season 2 is set to premiere monday january 7th 2013 on ABC Family! So mark your calendar 😉 Street ...