New music and projects

01. July 2012 Uncategorized 0
Yes, you read it! There’s new music on the way this summer and fall from Lucas. It might be a new album/EP but it might also be released songs. Who knows? Besides that do we know about his “New-Gen Deadalus Rising” movie, and apparently he’s got a cameo or smaller part in the comedy “Chocolate ...

Latest picture updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m a little busy at the moment both with my private life as well as getting the gallery finished up for all the lost pictures. But I’ll do my best to catch up and be back on track this month 😉 I’d like to give a shout-out to Team ...

New project: New-Gen Deadalus Rising

13. June 2012 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas posted earlier this year, some twitter pictures from the set where he was shooting something new. Now is two videos out, a sneak peak and a behind the scenes video of a new feature film, a Marvel movie with an animated Lucas which is set to hit theatres in 2013. Lucas is set to ...

Roam14: It could be your story!

11. June 2012 Both, Videos 1
Autumn and Lucas are involved with a new project called “Roam14” which is going to be a new TV show about teenagers and it’s going to be written by teenagers as well. To figure out how to be a part of it, can you watch the video below and go to to get involved ...

“I Kissed A Vampire” on VOD June 1st

26. May 2012 Both, Pictures, Videos 0
Autumn’s and Lucas’s long wanted musical “I Kissed A Vampire” is comming on VOD (Video On Demand) June 1st and is set to be released on DVD July 10th. Are you gonna rent it or waiting for the DVD? 🙂 Also, “I Kissed A Vampire” has made some funny stuff like What is Lucas thinking? ...

Disney Media International Upfronts

26. May 2012 Lucas, Pictures 0
Both Autumn and Lucas attended Disney Media International Upfront together with the “Switched at Birth” cast and other casts from ABC family’s many TV shows. Sorry about the delay, but I had gallery troubles and right now, I’m posting all the latest news 😉

Gallery rewamping

I just wanted to say sorry for no updates for a while, but I’ve been having troubles with the gallery lately and while trying to figure out how to solve it did it just grow instead. So the next few days, the gallery might seem empty and everything lost, but don’t worry, I’ll work hard ...

Funny or Die & Stand4Change: Defeat the Label

04. May 2012 Lucas, Videos 1
Lucas is now part of Funny or Die and Stand4Change‘s new anti-bullying campaign, “Defeat the Label” which is about standing up to bullying and take a picture or shoot a short video of what you’ve done to make a change. You can figure out way more by watching the video below. It’s not the first ...

“Virginia” official trailer

19. April 2012 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
One of Lucas’s long wanted movie, original called “What’s Wrong With Virginia?”, which is now called “Virginia” has now a released trailer. Wanna see how many times you can spot Lucas? The movie is set to be in theaters May 18th 2012, according to the movie’s new FaceBook Page! So check it out and keep ...

“I Kissed A Vampire” new Penny Plasma clips

06. April 2012 Autumn, Both, Videos, Videos 0
“I Kissed A Vampire” has released some behind the scenes stuff featuring Autumn as the vampirette Penny Plasma in “Shiny New Vampire” and “Welcome to the Underworld” (which I heard is the opening song to the movie). In case you missed it, did I also post behind the scenes of “Little Peck”, “Feel U”, “Justa ...

Lucas is Pledging Now with L8R

06. April 2012 Lucas, Videos 0
As posted ealier did Lucas join the ‘Pledge Now TXT L8R’ campaign about make people stop texting + driving at the same time. Here’s a new video about Lucas telling his experince with it in a car accident he had which changed him. So check it out and think about it.