SAB: Write a Lonely Soldier

28. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Last tuesday’s episode “The Art of Painting” is up to watch on the official website and Hulu and can be purchased on iTunes. I have added 2 new stills from tonight’s (tuesday) episode “Write a Lonely Soldier” and have 2 sneak peaks and a clip. Also, the SAB cast (including Lucas of course) are expected ...

Magazine scans wanted

21. February 2012 Site updates 0
I am currently searching for magazine scans to upload into the gallery. I’ll accept anything where Lucas and/or Autumn are in from 2006-2012 from all countries. If you would like to share some scans with Fabulous Grabeel, would I just be grateful and of course credit you! You can send up to 3 files or ...

SAB: The Art of Painting

20. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Last tuesday’s episode “Protect Me from What I Want” is up on the official website, iTunes and also Hulu now. Sadly I have no stills from next tueday’s episode “The Art of Painting”, but I hope to see one though. Meanwhile I have uploaded 1 new behind the scenes from co-star Constance Marie and I ...

Lucas joins Instagram

10. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures 0
I seems that Lucas has joined the picture app called Instagram. A free network where you upload pictures. His username is the14341. Go follow him! Just posted a photo Just got my second haircut of the day. You guys think this should be Toby’s new look for @ABCFsab?

SAB cast talks ‘Best and worst dates’

10. February 2012 Lucas, Videos 1
Lucas and his “Switched at Birth” co-stars Katie Leclerc, Vanessa Marano and Sean Berdy talks about their best and worst dates and about valentines day. Lucas even reveals that instead of celebrate valentine’s day is he a non-stop romantic guy all 364 days of the year! Lucas & Sean at 1:53 – 3:34

SAB: Protect Me from What I Want

10. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 1
You can re-watch last tuesday’s episode “Las Dos Fridas” on the official website or purchase it on iTunes. I have uploaded some more HQ and a new still and behind the scenes picture from “Las Dos Fridas”, and I have 2 new stills from next tuesday’s episode “Protect Me from What I Want” together with ...

SAB: Las Dos Fridas

05. February 2012 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 9
Last tuesday’s episode “Expulsion From the Garden of Eden” is up on the official website as well as iTunes for you to watch and purchase. Meanwhile did I upload 3 new stills from next tuesday’s episode called “Las Dos Fridas” which I am not sure what means (or if it’s spanish or what language it ...

New project?

31. January 2012 Lucas, News, Pictures 1
Lucas have been really active on twitter lately and has also shared some nice information with us together with snapping new photo’s of himself getting his hair dyed from blond to brown. Could he have found a new movie to be in or guest starring in a TV show? I’m not sure what it is ...

L8R: Pledge now – text & drive video

27. January 2012 Lucas, Videos 1
Remember a while ago, Autumn tweeted about a video Lucas was doing about texting and driving at the same time? Well, the video has been released. Hear what Lucas has to say about it, and learn more about L8R’s text and drive pledge! Are you guilty or innocent of texting while driving?

I Kissed A Vampire theatrical trailer

27. January 2012 Both, Pictures, Videos 1
The theatrical trailer for Autumn and Lucas’s movie “I Kissed A Vampire” has been released. The movie is set to be released in North USA in spring break 2012, but no information about the rest of USA or the rest of the world. They also talked about release the soundtrack, but still no specific time ...