New music video for Autumn?

24. August 2011 Autumn, News 0
According to one of her latest tweets, do it sounds like Autumn landed another appearances in a new music video besides Drew Seeley’s upcomming one. Exciting huh? I am for sure. Although there’s not much info about it. Awesome meeting today in BevHills! Thanks to @sherylct! Plus, just got a role in a music vid ...

New IKAV pics

18. August 2011 Both, Pictures 0
“I Kissed A Vampire” has released new behind the scenes pictures and stills of both Autumn and Lucas on both FaceBook and Twitter, together with leaving a small message to the fans. Hey IKAV fans! It’s taking a little longer than expected to work out distribution details but we’re going to have good news for ...

Autumn in ‘Lazy Daze’

16. August 2011 Autumn, News 2
Autumn is set to be starring in Drew Seeley’s newest music video “Lazy Daze”, which I think is from his latest album “The Resulotion” (I’m not sure though). Autumn’s tweets: On my way to @drewseeley’s music video shoot! That’s a wrap of @drewseeley music video. Awesome way to spend a Friday night! worked w great ...

New Lucas videos

11. August 2011 Lucas, News, Videos 1
Lucas have uploaded a new video of him and Justin Beiber on YouTube from Teen Choice Awards the other day while his website is updated as well with 3 new demo reels, called “SIZZLE Reel”, “FEATURE Reel” and “TV Reel”. You can check out Lucas’s website at and you can check out his YouTube ...

The last SAB updates

11. August 2011 Lucas, News, Videos 0
So, “The Homecoming” is up on their official website for free while it’s able to be purchased on iTunes as well. Also, according to the FaceBook Page will the rest of season 1 return in EARLY 2012. There’s no dato or month confirmed yet, but fans are hoping it’s returning in January 2012. Watch on ...

Teen Choice Awards

09. August 2011 Both, Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
So both Autumn and Lucas attended the Teen Choice Awards last sunday, but there’s only pictures of Lucas. (Except from the picture Lucas took of both of them on the way to TCA). Sadly Lucas didn’t win. Neither did his co-stars or his show. But on twitter did they agree on, it’s not about winning, ...

SmallVille’s release date

04. August 2011 Lucas, News 0
Great news if you missed Lucas in the “SmallVille” episodes “Beacon” and “Scion” or if you just can’t wait to get your own copy of it. According to Amazon, are season 10 set to release both as DVD, Blu-ray and The Complete Series box at November 29 2011.

22 more SAB episodes

04. August 2011 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
Great news! Next monday, “Switched at Birth” will air the 10th episode with the summer finale, while it will return and continue season 1 with 22 more episodes somewhere 2012! Which will make it 32 episodes for season 1! Who’s excited now? Let’s hope for more Toby stories and more focus on him. Lucas’s twitter: ...

SAB: Paradise Lost

28. July 2011 Lucas, Videos 0
So, monday’s episode “Pandora’s Box” is both up at the official website to watch for free and can be purchased at iTunes as well. Next monday’s episode is called “Paradise Lost” and sadly there’s no stills released of Toby (Lucas) 🙁 So I hope they will release a few after the episode aired then. There ...

Captain America: The First Avenger premiere

24. July 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Lucas was spotted at the “Captain America: The First Avenger” premiere last tuesday. Also, Lucas showed up in a new haircut. What do you think about it? Do you think he cutted it himself or that it’s for a new project? I have added 9 HQ and MQ pictures from the event into the gallery. ...