Teen Choice Awards 2011

20. July 2011 Lucas, News 0
Great news. Lucas and his show “Switched at Birth” have been nominated for several Teen Choice Awards! Isn’t that just great? Although it’s not Lucas’s first time to attend the award show, since “High School Musical” won several times more than one year, BUT it’s his FIRST own nomination as an actor! We’re so proud ...

sab updates

20. July 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
Things are heating up and getting intense. Now, like many other fans, I just wish it could be monday again pretty soon, to see what’s happening next. In the meantime, is “The Stag Hunt” up to purchase on iTunes or you can watch it at the website. I also uploaded the “The Persistence of Memory” ...

New SAB clip

15. July 2011 Lucas, Videos 0
ABCFamily have uploaded a new clip from the upcomming episode on monday calld “The Stag Hunt”. Check it out, it looks like a funny scene to me. 🙂

SAB updates and goodies

13. July 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
So I am working on the captures from monday’s episode of SAB. The episode is up on iTunes so you can purchase it or you can watch it on ABCFamily for free. Monday’s next episode is called “The Stag Haunt” and sadly there’s no stills released, but lucky there is from the last episode. Also, ...

Latest updates

So, since I haven’t had time to update in the last few days, I’ll catch up with everything now. Enjoy. 🙂 Here’s Lucas on CleverTV Here’s Lucas on MSN’s Last Night On TV Lucas on MSN’s Last Night On TV episode Monday July 11: ‘Big Brother’ villain plots (in the end, around 3:38 – 3:50) ...

SAB updates

06. July 2011 Lucas, Pictures, Videos 0
So much drama going on, in “Switched at Birth”, and how things are going with Toby. I’m really stoked to watch the next episode to see what happends with him. In the case of you missed it or just wants it anyway, is it up on iTunes to purchase. 😉 Next monday’s episode is called ...

Lucas on CleverTV

05. July 2011 Lucas, Videos 0
CleverTV recently released a video where Lucas is talking about his caracter Toby from “Switched at Birth” and he talks about his gambling-problem in the show. Sounds interesting, right? 🙂 Enjoy the video.

More SAB goodies

28. June 2011 Lucas, News, Pictures, Videos 0
So, this time I got lots of goodies for all of you! How awesome is that? 🙂 First of all, like every other weeks lately am I already working on the captures for yesterday’s episode, while waiting for monday’s next episode called “Dogs Playing Poker” which will air the same time and on the same ...

Sunshine on iTunes

28. June 2011 Lucas, News 0
So, yesterday was the big day where “Sunshine” came out on iTunes. Did you buy it? What is your favorite song of the EP? I’d like to hear from you 😉 I bet both Lucas and Autumn is excited about it, and so am I and hopefully the rest of the fans outthere and hopefully ...

Sunshine cover

25. June 2011 Lucas, Pictures 0
Lucas have updated both his FaceBook Page and his Twitter with the official “Sunshine” cover art, and I’m loving it! I am just not sure if its a single cover or it’s the complete EP cover, but I guess we’ll figure that out pretty soon. 😉 Remember that “Sunshine” will release on iTunes this monday ...

IKAV updates

22. June 2011 Both, News, Pictures 0
The team behind “I Kissed A Vampire” have updated the FaceBook page with news and brand new behind the scenes pictures that both features Autumn and Lucas! Meli Grabeel is right – you guys deserve an update! Getting the right kind of distribution is taking a bit longer than we anticipated. There are lots of ...