So, this is the official history behind Fabulous Grabeel.

It all started with 2 friends, who meet online and had been friends for some time. One of the girls had a website herself (like this one) and the other girl wanted to practise and learn what it took to have a website. The girl asked her host if she could open up a website and run it together with her friend, which she could, as they opened up fabulouslucas.fan-addict.org in the summer.
It was pretty successful and both of them worked hard on everyting. One of the girls worked hard behind the scenes while trying to learn, while the other one was getting stuff and content for the site while teaching.

Then as december came up, was the website one day gone! Like, completely gone. Even the host didn’t exist anymore! Everything was lost and both girls and all the other websites one of the girls had – gone. So what could they do?

As december were over, did these friends agree on they wouldn’t quit what they reached, even if it meant they had to start over from the beginning. So they found a free and easy host where they signed up both of their website’s and started over and made a “demo” to apply for website’s in, at the same time did they decide to change the name from Fabulous Lucas to Fabulous Grabeel since they found it more unique if they could feature Autumn Grabeel into it (also since she’s got her own little movie career going on).

Sadly it didn’t really work out and one of the girls started doubting that we could ever come back to what we’ve got before and she slowly quit with the time. But the girl who had taught a lot of stuff in 6 months, didn’t want to give it up, and she faught really hard and yet managed (with a little help from people online) to create a WordPress site September 1st, and managed to get it ready and open it October 1st.

After new year, and yet still learning, the website keeps growing and growing, updated, added new features, and so much more.
The webmiss are still learning and trying to get everything right, as she tries to keep the site up to date and run a great welcomed website. 🙂

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    Anonymous on January 26, 2015 Reply

    You are looking sharp !

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    Anonymous on March 20, 2015 Reply

    Great info thanks

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